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As a voluntary student organisation, the UN Student Association Oslo are open for all students who are enrolled in higher education in Oslo and its surrounding vicinity. All of our activities are held in english, making our organization a great place for international students. UNSA Oslo consists of a board, an extended board, Sustainable Development Goals-teams and ordinary members.

UNSA Oslo works to bring attention to issues that impact the global society and ensure the preservation of the universal human rights for all. We strive to impact the world at large by creating a sustainable world in which there is international solidarity, peace and cooperation. By organizing member meetings, seminars, debates and social gatherings of various kinds we are able to shed light on important issues that are worth discussing. At the very foundation of our organisation is the belief in a sustainable world in which the universal human rights are for all, and a world in which youth can initiate change. 

Meet the Board - UN Student Association, Oslo



Fay Laith


Vice President

Maria Børresen


Finance Manager

Iris Bjørg Petursdottir


PR Manager

Emilie Jørgensborg


External Manager

Muneet Singh Brar


Board member

Max Eide


Project Manager

Tuva Veronika Lund

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