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Maria Børresen

Hi. My name is Maria Børresen and I am 22 years old.  I am currently doing a bachelors degree in  political science at the University in Oslo. I joined the UN students Oslo because it gives you the opportunity to learn and grow, whilst also being an exciting platform to meet and engage with like-minded students who share a common cause for a sustainable and prosperous world for all. 


Favorite SDG: Number 5 – Because gender equality is more than a human right, it’s also a necessary foundation for a sustainable world. Women all over the world still face discrimination and experience physical and mental violence due to existing institutional structures and social norms. Despite the progress we’ve made so far, these challenges remain. Focusing on women and their social mobility through achieving political, economic and social equality is has been proven as both an essential and effective instrument for a sustainable, socio-economic development.



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