Silje Hornnes

Hi. My name is Silje, I’m 23 years old and I am the president of the United Nations Student Association Oslo. Currently I’m on my third year on a bachelor’s degree in Human Geography at the University of Oslo.  

By studying human geography and being a part of the UN Student Association Oslo, I have become more aware of the unevenness in the world and how the challenges related to the Sustainable Development Goals are all so interconnected. I decided to join the UNSA Oslo because I do believe that the Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the UN actually contributes to make a change in the world as we see it now. UNSA is a place where you can learn, contribute and effectively face the problems that are present in the world today. As the president of this association, I have the possibility to address these issues, take action, and reach out to people who wants to learn more.


Mob: +47 954 66 969