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Iris Bjørg Petursdottir

Hello. My name is Iris, and I am 20 years old. I am the Finance manager of the United Nations Students Association Oslo and I am studying International Studies at the University of Oslo.. 

I joined UNSA Oslo to meet others students with similar interest, and that want to engage in discussions about current issues in international affairs. The work the UN is doing is important as it is improving international cooperation to achieve global health, wealth, peace and security and works to tackle global issues like climate change. UNSA Oslo is a great place to learn more about these issues and have good discussions.

With the climate crisis becoming more urgent we need to rethink our mode of production and consumption in order to cover our needs in a way where we use our resources sustainably. Therefore SDG 12 is my favourite as it focuses on reducing waste and making the change to achieve sustainable consumption.


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