Evelina Ohlsson

My name is Evelina, I am a 25 year old girl from Sweden that have lived in Norway for more than 4 years now. I study Administrasjon and Leadership at Oslo Met and starts my 3rd year this august. I have always had a deep interest for politics, society issues and human rights and economics.


When I first heard of UNSA I saw the opportunity to earn a lot more knowledge and meet people that share the same interests. My first year in the board I was the social koordinator and now as I will start my second year in the board I have the position as the economist. My favorite SDG is number 17 ”Partnership for the goals». Because I believe that it is necessary that all nations work towards the SDG goals together.

We are facing complex problems that requires collaboration. Sustainability is the keyword when you think about how our generation should take active action in how we are living on this planet. The goal for everyone should be that each generation do its best to not leave the world in a worse condition for the next generation.


On every event UNSA have arranged, I have learn something new. I would say that it is an amazing plattform for everybody that have been involved with the SDG before, or for people that just recently got an interest for it.

Email address: Samantha-Jorgensen@hotmail.com

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