Jiyan Sharifi

My name is Jiyan. I am currently 22 years old, and I am studying Political Science at the University of Oslo.


Politics has always been a passion of mine. Moreover, one field of interest has always been the United Nations for me. I therefore wanted to challenge myself and become an active member of UNSA. I now have the pleasure of being Vice President. This is a role I’m loving every minute of and as VP I will do my best to promote not only UNSA, but the different goals of UN to non-UN-students.

My favorite SDG is number 5 “Gender equality”. This is because being a woman myself, I have seen a lot of discrimination happening towards girls of all ages and cultures. It is therefore a passion I have to help as much as possible to lessen the burden and make sure that every human being is treated equally.

I encourage everyone that has an interest in politics, human rights or UN to join us for this semester and become a member!​