Mohammad Emad Hammami

My name is Mohammad Emad Hammami, came from Syria to Norway in 2015 through the UN, studied two years information technology engineering education in Syria, and I am now studying in two universities in Norway, Informatics (Programming and systems architecture) at UIO in the third year, and information technology at Oslomet also in the third year. Besides my studies I currently work as an interpreter Arabic / Norwegian, and run my own company called "Emad Hammami" which deals with mobile applications development.


I decided to give most of my time to volunteer work especially with the UN which plays an important role in saving the world, especially at this time being considered a crisis time for the whole world , through wars, famines, and the non-humane treatment for women and children in the world, torture of detainees in prisons, .... etc. So we see that the United Nations is helping at the most of its capacity to reduce these problems. Since that I came from a country suffering from a brutal war, and I found that the best way to help, with my modest and simple abilities, is to get involved in this work and do everything I can to help this organization.


I worked as a volunteer in the UN students Oslo since 2017, and in 2020 I was given responsibility for IT manager in the UN students Oslo, as I have I benefited from and was inspired when I worked as a volunteer in Lebanon with UN (UNHCR), I worked with UNHCR organizing humanitarian cases, mentoring refugees and prioritizing cases that needed immediate UNHCR treatment, such as helping children and women who had been abused, raped, neglected, handled or referred to the responsible person or department. My responsibility was also to register refugees in need of financial assistance and send the case to the responsible person. Then I worked with the registration of refugees. At the same time, I also worked with both the Danish Refugee Council and World Vision Lebanon, I worked with the protection of women and children, where those who have experienced domestic violence or rape are sent to court and receive the financial assistance they are entitled to.


I must also say that I worked when I was in Syria as a leader of a campaign with an organization called "Tomohi" is a "Syrian Young Entrepreneurs Association SYEA". My responsibility was to lead the Social Charity Campaign (Tomohi) campaign on social media and contact businessmen, find out who can support the students financially. The goal was to help students who are unable to complete their education due to financial inability. The project was about raising money and giving it to students to continue studying at private universities. I also worked in Norway, among other places, as a social studies teacher in adult education and as an interpreter of Arabic / Norwegian.


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