Johan Morales

My name is Johan Morales, and I am 22 years old. I was born and raised in Guatemala, but I also have Norwegian family from my mother´s side. Although I have a background in International Business, I have a huge passion for humanities. Namely, I am deeply interested in how humanity and its systems are drastically changing.


Joining the UNSA Oslo has opened the doors for me to get to know future-oriented and like-minded people, as well as having the opportunity to dive more in-depth into the global sustainable benchmarks by which we can learn, act, and teach. My favorite SDG is #4 (quality education) because education is the road to living the best life and the best way to impact others. I also believe we have to redefine the traditional education standards by increasing inter-disciplinary, human-centric, and futuristic approaches. Education is an eternal journey.