Silje Kristine Hornnes

Hi. My name is Silje and I am 22 years old. I’m currently doing my bachelor’s degree at the University in Oslo where I study Human Geography. I am taking subjects which combines politics, economics and globalization into a developmental approach, and I find it very interesting to learn about these processes as it reveals a lot of the unevenness and the injustice that is going on in the world.

Among other things, this made me apply as a project coordinator for UNSA Oslo, because I do believe that the sustainable development goals set forth by the UN actually contributes to make a change in the world as we see it now. UNSA is a place where you can learn, contribute and effectively face the problems that is occurring both internationally and nationally in the world today. As a project coordinator I have a possibility to address these issues and reach out to people who wants to learn more.

The past years I have been lucky to travel a lot, I have seen conflicts in a close hold, and met people that face injustice every day. I am also especially interested in foreign policy and security policy which leads me to favor the SDG number 16. This development goal, which represents peace, justice and strong institutions, is essential for people to get to know about their rights. In this manner, we as individuals and us together as a united world, can more effectively contribute to peacebuilding and react against the injustice and conflicts that are affecting so many innocent people on a daily basis.

I am looking forward to an exciting semester with the UNSA Oslo, and I hope all of you will consider joining at least some events with us

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