Silje Kristine Hornnes

My name is Silje and I am 22 years old. I’m currently taking a bachelor’s degree in Human Geography at the University of Oslo.  Throughout my semesters at UiO, I have become more aware of the unevenness in the world and the problems related to the sustainable development goals. I decided to join the UNSA Oslo because I do believe that the sustainable development goals set forth by the UN actually contributes to make a change in the world as we see it now. UNSA is a place where you can learn, contribute and effectively face the problems that are present in the world today. As the project manager, I have the possibility to address these issues and reach out to people who wants to learn more.


My favourite SDG is goal number 16. This development goal, which represents peace, justice and strong institutions, is essential for people to get to know about their rights. In this manner, we as individuals and us together as a united world, can more effectively contribute to peacebuilding and react against the injustice and conflicts that are affecting so many innocent people on a daily basis.